Pamm investments

Памм инвестиции

Pamm investments are one of the options for passive income generation. It is most suitable for those who are poorly versed in financial markets, and cannot independently conduct profitable trading.

Having decided to invest in PAMM accounts, an investor has many opportunities to build an investment strategy that suits him. By choosing a PAMM account, an investor can get acquainted with the trading history of each managing trader: how long the manager has been working with investors, the profitability of his strategy, the maximum drawdown during trading and many other parameters necessary for the correct choice of a pamm account.

Pamm investments involve the payment of a commission to the managing trader from the profits received during trading. Investors also divide the remaining part of the profit proportionally, in accordance with the size of the investment.


Each participant of the platform will find the tools he needs to achieve success, whether it is a unique trading strategy that attracts subscribers, or the most promising Trader to copy his trades. CopyFX allows you to use both of these opportunities to increase the profitability of your trading.

RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) is a system of automatic copying of trade transactions. It allows you to earn on a par with professionals and make a profit for both parties — those who copy transactions (Investors) and authors of trading strategies (Traders). In other words, the system gives you the opportunity to make money on the deals of professionals, and for them on commissions for using strategies.

At the moment, one of the less risky ways to get passive income is investing in Forex PAMM accounts. The bottom line is as follows: a successful trader opens a special PAMM manager account, where investors transfer their capital, trades on the market and earns money for investors, and takes a percentage of the profit for himself - a fee for work.

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