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At the moment, one of the less risky ways to get passive income is investing in Forex PAMM accounts. The bottom line is as follows: a successful trader opens a special PAMM manager account, where investors transfer their capital, trades on the market and earns money for investors, and takes a percentage of the profit for himself - a fee for work.

This investment format has proven itself well in recent years for several reasons:

  • Allows investors to get a higher profit in a relatively short period of time than investing in real estate or depositing in a bank.
  • It is suitable for novice investors who do not have enough experience, knowledge and time for independent currency and oil trading.
  • It compares favorably with the trust management of funds in that the investor controls the dynamics of the profitability of the manager's strategy online and can change the amount of capital or withdraw funds completely at any time.

How to open a Forex PAMM account and choose a manager

In order to open an investor's PAMM account, you need to go through a short registration on the AMarkets website. After that, you will get full access to your investment account and personal account, where you can use the strategy and portfolio designer, track statistics on selected strategies and manage your investments.

How a Forex PAMM Account Works

It is based on PAMM technology (from the English Percentage Allocation Management Module) — a technology for managing the distribution of interest, which allows investors to safely transfer funds to a trader trading on a PAMM account. The manager trades using his capital and investors' funds, and the profits and losses received during trading are automatically distributed among the participants in proportion to the amounts deposited.

The managing trader, in turn, is interested in successful trading, since he invests his own funds in the PAMM account. A larger amount of capital opens up more opportunities for the manager and every investor is very important to him. Such double motivation and the desire to improve one's reputation serve as reliable guarantees of the manager's active work, because only a long history of profitable trading will help him develop and attract larger deposits to trade.

PAMM-investment trust management service

The PAMM service is based on a model of trust management of funds. It assumes the presence of one manager, several investors and a common trading account (hereinafter PAMM account) from which the manager conducts operations in financial markets. Investing in Forex with the help of a PAMM service requires minimal investor participation in the process of making a profit, since the PAMM manager is responsible for all processes.

The use of a PAMM account and cooperation with the manager also involves the payment of a commission, the amount of which varies from 15% to 25% of the profit. Otherwise, PAMM investments are great for passive income generation.

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