InstaForex Forex Partner Programs

An InstaForex partner can be either an individual or a legal entity. The partner of the company does not need to have experience in the field of finance, since the partnership mechanism is extremely simple: opening a partner account-attracting customers-withdrawing profits. Our experts will help you complete these three steps as easily as possible. The InstaForex affiliate program is a risk-free way to earn money online. Most types of partnership with us are based on finding and attracting new customers via the Internet. You will receive an affiliate commission in the amount of 1.5 - 5.3 points from each transaction attracted by you customers.

Types of InstaForex Forex partner programs:

Representative Office

Official representation is the highest level of cooperation with our company. The status of a representative implies the placement of information about the partner office on the company's website, a higher level of customer trust, as well as the possibility of receiving additional remuneration.
If you are ready to open a partner office and officially represent InstaForex in your region, this type of cooperation is ideal for you.

Partner Trader

This project is suitable for those who would like to recommend our company to their friends and acquaintances. It can be called the most initial level of partnership, which does not require any knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, nor serious financial investments. At the same time, it allows you to receive high partner remuneration on a par with the company's major partners.

Investment projects

If you attract investments in Forex, you can increase your profit by getting a large part of the spread and a percentage of the turnover generated by your investment project inside InstaForex. You no longer need to puzzle over how to place customer funds among brokers with the greatest benefit.


If you have your own website on financial topics, then you can promote our company's services with its help. At the same time, we will fully provide you with banners and informers for every taste and color.

Training project

If you are training novice traders, then this project is your choice. We will provide you with the official status of the InstaForex training project and discuss the individual terms of the partner remuneration.


If you are engaged in the exchange of electronic currencies, you can get an additional influx of customers at the expense of existing traders and partners of our company. By providing replenishment and withdrawal services (via internal transfers), exchange offices receive a multiple increase in their turnover, since the influx of customers is provided at the expense of existing customers of the company.

VPS hosting

If you have a virtual dedicated server, you can offer hosting services to our clients by obtaining a special accreditation. In addition, the company pays commissions from clients' trading, which allows the VPS partner to extract additional profit.


If the format ofan online diary is close to you, you can combine business with pleasure and start making a profit by attracting customers through your resource. Our daily analytical resources will help you: they can always be used as content for discussions and comments.

Signal Seller

If you are engaged in the implementation of trading signals, then the "Signal Seller" project is for you. This type of partnership will allow you to get a stable income due to the mutually beneficial placement of marketing materials on your resource and attracting customers. To help the project partners, InstaForex offers an innovative ForexCopy system that will allow your clients to see the trading signals used for their execution when copying successful traders' trades.

Seller of Advisors

If you sell Forex Expert Advisors, we can offer an individual bonus program for your clients, as well as post information about your services in the InstaForex Expert Advisor store. In addition, you can use the Expert Advisor to trade with via the Forex Copy service. This, on the one hand, gives additional earnings from subscribers, and on the other, high results posted in the public access of the service will be the best advertisement for the adviser.

CPA Affiliate Program

The CPA project is a new type of cooperation from InstaForex. This program is designed specifically for those who appreciate simplicity. It is ideal for webmasters, specialists in the field of search engine promotion and Internet marketing — who do not need deep knowledge of the Forex industry. The conversion path has become much easier: account opening, first deposit, partner reward!

The difference between the types of partnership lies in the method of attracting customers, the standard remuneration at the initial stage for all types of partnership is the same - it is 1.5 points from each transaction of attracted customers. You need to choose the type of program that reflects the main activity of your project, and within one partner account you will be able to use various ways to attract customers.

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