No deposit bonus of $50 from Mekness

Published: 07.04.2022

Bonus amount: 50$

Available: New customers

Terms & Conditions

  • For $50 No Deposit Bonus, you are required to register the account.
  • To avail the $50 No Deposit Bonus, you must apply for $50 No Deposit Bonus from your Member Login.
  • No Deposit Bonus will be credited to your No Deposit Bonus account.
  • This No Deposit Bonus is in the ownership of the Company and is not cash-able.
  • Products offered for trading in No Deposit Bonus account are restricted to FX currencies.
  • Client can only place the trading volume of 0.01 in a single trade.
  • Profit earned with No Deposit Bonus will be added as credit to Live Account.
  • To transfer the profit from NDB account, the client must complete the trading of 5 lots.
  • To transfer the profit, client must deposit at least $50 in the trading account.
  • Maximum Profit, which can be credited to Live account from NDB, is equal to $50.
  • The profit can be withdrawn from live account at any time, as long as the equity is at least $50.
  • If the equity is less than $50, withdrawal will be rejected.
  • The maximum number of active trading days is 30 (the active trading day is a day when the no deposit bonus was given in the trading account). The trading will be suspended and the client cannot claim the profit after 30 days.
  • The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5.
  • Withdrawing the Profit, No Deposit Bonus and all remaining profit shall be taken out from the account.
  • The No Deposit Bonus is valid till 31-Dec-2021. However, it can be cancelled at any time or extended at the sole discretion of the Company.
  • Profit earned using No Deposit Bonus is also under the ownership of the Company and can be cancelled at any time in sole discretion of the Company.
  • It is strictly prohibited to get the No Deposit Bonus again by using a new registration or new trading account.
  • Trading Account credited with this No Deposit Bonus is not eligible for commissions and IB rebates unless a deposit of $50 is being made.
  • Trading Account credited with No Deposit Bonus is not eligible for Zero Balance Protection.
  • By having this No Deposit Bonus, you agree to the right of the company to cancel the bonus and all profits obtained through the bonus at any time without giving any reasons at sole discretion of the Company.

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