No Deposit Forex Bonus $1 from FXOpen (Micro account)

Published: 13.03.2022

Bonus amount: 1$

Available: New customers

How to get a no deposit forex bonus:

  • Register FXOpen eWallet.
  • Get the 1st level of eWallet verification.
  • Open a Micro trading account.

The bonus will be credited to you automatically on the first opened Micro account. The bonus transferred to your new trading account can be used for trading and making a profit. The bonus can be withdrawn from the account after reaching the total trading volume of 100 micro lots for the Micro account. All closed transactions, both profitable and unprofitable, are taken into account.

Withdrawal of the no deposit bonus and the profit received from it:

The no deposit forex bonus can be withdrawn from the account after the total volume of all closed transactions on the account reaches 100 micro lots.

The Welcome bonus will be removed from your account if you make a withdrawal or transfer of funds to another account with FXOpen before reaching 100 microlots.


Each new user will receive only one of the bonuses ("No Deposit forex bonus of $10 from FXOpen" or "No deposit forex bonus of $ 1 from FXOpen") and only once, depending on which account (Micro or STP) he opens first. In other words, if the user first opened an STP trading account and received a bonus of 10 USD, in the future, when opening a Micro account, the bonus will not be credited (and vice versa).

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