30% Bonus from InstaForex

Published: 13.03.2022

Bonus amount: 30%

Available: All clients

InstaForex offers all its clients a unique opportunity to receive a welcome bonus of 30% to their trading account.

To receive the bonus, you need to register a real trading account* and fill out the application form. Each of these procedures is simple and takes very little time.

How do I get a bonus?

Stage I. Registration of a real trading account
You can register a trading account on the "Opening a real account" page. To receive the bonus, you can open any trading account in any currency.

Stage II. Replenishment of the trading account
To receive a welcome bonus, you must activate an open trading account by depositing any amount and in any convenient way.

Stage III. Making an application for a bonus
After registering a real trading account, you will be asked to fill out an application for a 30% bonus, in which you will need to specify your account details.
If you are the owner of an open and replenished account, you can immediately go to the bonus application page.

Stage IV. Receiving a bonus to a trading account
The 30% welcome bonus is credited to the trading account automatically.

Special offer.

InstaForex provides its clients with a unique opportunity to increase the standard deposit bonus from 30% to 40%. You can get such a privilege by joining InstaForex Club, an elite broker club. In addition to preferential terms of participation in contests and promotions from our company, an InstaForex Club member has the opportunity to accumulate and receive additional bonuses for each deposit up to 10% and sum them up with a standard bonus.

Terms of the promotion:

  • Each client of InstaForex company has the right to receive a bonus in the form of 30% of the deposit made to his trading account. The bonus for replenishment of the trading account can be credited no later than one week after this replenishment. The bonus can be credited only to the funds actually available on the account at the time of consideration of the application for the bonus by the manager.
  • The 30% bonus cannot be credited to a trading account to which other types of bonuses have already been credited (Fixed bonuses or a 25% bonus). To get a 30% bonus, you need to open a new trading account. The number of accounts to receive a 30% bonus for each client is unlimited.
  • The client has the right to receive a bonus of 30% of the deposit after each replenishment of the trading account. The amount to which the bonus can be credited is equal to the difference between deposits and withdrawals.
  • The Client agrees that if, after any withdrawal of funds from the trading account, the total amount of bonuses received (the amount of bonuses is taken into account, taking into account the canceled bonus funds) on the account exceeds 30% of the amount of the trader's current free real funds after withdrawal, the part of the bonus that makes up the difference between these values is canceled. In order to avoid cancellation of the bonus in an amount greater than the withdrawal amount, it is recommended to refrain from withdrawals if the amount of all bonuses received on the account exceeds the allowable value of the welcome bonus for the current available funds after withdrawal.
  • Upon receipt of the 30% bonus, the client's identity information is not requested, however, the company reserves the right to request such information in the future.

What can be deduced:

The bonus of 30% of the deposit can be withdrawn after making BUY or SELL transactions in the total amount equal to X*3 InstaForex lots, where X= the total amount of bonuses received (the entire amount of bonuses is taken into account, without exception of canceled or partially lost bonus funds). For accounts opened in RUR currency, the volume of transactions is calculated according to the formula: X*3/50 (InstaForex lots), for accounts in EUR currency according to the formula: X*3*1,1 (InstaForex lots). Only the entire bonus amount can be withdrawn - there is no possibility of partial withdrawal of the bonus.To withdraw bonus funds from the trading account, you must send an application to bonuses@instaforex.com . The bonus to be withdrawn must be listed on the account at the time of consideration of the withdrawal request by the manager. The Company reserves the right to reject an application for withdrawal of bonus funds without explanation. *

The profit from the 30% bonus can be withdrawn without restrictions.

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