Classic bonus up to 120% from RoboForex

Published: 13.03.2022

Bonus amount: до 120%

Available: New customers

The bonus program "Classic Bonus" is aimed at increasing trade turnover on customer accounts. If the conditions of the Bonus Program are met, the funds credited to the trading account as a bonus can be withdrawn by the account owner without any restrictions.

  • Increase your turnover with the total amount of bonuses up to 50,000 USD.
  • Withdraw profits from trading both on your own and on bonus funds.
  • Withdraw the bonus after fulfilling the conditions for trading turnover.

How to get a forex bonus?

1. Open an account
The bonus is available on cent and standard accounts opened on MT4 and MT5 platforms.

2. Verify your account
Go through the simple procedure of verifying your identity and address in your Personal Account.

3. Top up your account
Deposit funds to your account and receive up to 50,000 USD of bonus accruals, depending on the amount of replenishment.

The Client is given the right to choose the Bonus amount: 25%, 50%, 100% or 120%.

Withdrawal of funds from an account with an active Bonus:

The amount of the Bonus until it is processed is blocked for withdrawal from the account together with the amount of replenishment for which it was received.

Until the conditions for trading turnover are met, it is allowed to withdraw only available profit from the account, which is calculated from the amount of Free Funds (Free Margin) on the account according to the formula:
<Profit available for withdrawal> = <Available funds> - <Amount of active Bonuses> - <Amount of deposits for which Bonuses are accrued>


You have topped up your account with 5,000 USD and received a Bonus of 2,500 USD (50% on deposit). From the moment the Bonus was credited, the result for closed transactions amounted to 250 USD (at the same time you do not have open transactions on the account). According to the rules of the Bonus Program, you can withdraw no more than 250 USD (your profit) from the account without giving up the Bonus received.

Working off, canceling and debiting the Bonus:

The amounts of deposits and the Bonus accrued on them are unblocked and become available for withdrawal only after the total trading turnover (in standard lots) in the amount of:
<Number of lots> = <Bonus amount in USD*>


You have received a 300 USD Bonus to an MT4 Pro-Standard account. To withdraw it, you need to make a trade turnover of 300 USD = 300 lots (trade turnover is taken into account for closed transactions). 1 standard lot = 100 lots for a Pro-Cent account.

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