Forex contest on demo accounts: "Demo Forex" by RoboForex

Published: 13.03.2022

Prize fund: $ 6 000

First Place Prize: $800

Prizes: 20

Time of the event

The Demo Forex contest is held on demo accounts monthly. The draws are held according to the schedule.

Terms of participation:

  • Verification of the Personal Account.
  • A nickname registered on the official Forum of the company, linked to a Personal Account.
  • One account is opened for the contest and it takes part in all draws.
  • The initial deposit is 5,000 USD (the starting balance is credited one minute before the draw).
  • The Stop Out level is 20%.
  • The hedging margin is 25%.
  • The leverage is 1:100.
  • The account type is MT4 Demo.
  • Trading terminal - MetaTrader 4.
  • The total number of open and pending orders at the same time is no more than 10.
  • The maximum transaction volume is 0.1 lots.
  • There are no restrictions on the tools used.
  • At the end of the competition, all open orders of participants are subject to the procedure of forced automatic closure.
  • If there is no technical possibility of simultaneous closing of all available orders, they will be closed in turn. The difference in the time of fixing the result cannot serve as a basis for filing claims and reviewing the final balance of participants.
  • The use of Expert Advisors (scripts) is prohibited.
  • Registration and/or participation in the competition of close relatives and affiliated persons is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use the same IP address (computer) by several participants.
  • The participant who violates the Rules is subject to disqualification and has no right to claim the prize.

Conditions for determining the winners of the competition

The winner is the participant who has the largest deposit amount on the contest account at the end of the contest. The remaining prizes are determined similarly. When summing up, only accounts with a level of funds exceeding the initial deposit are taken into account.

In case of disqualification of the participant claiming the prize, the prize is awarded to the next participant of the final rating. A claim based on the results of the competition can be submitted within one working day from the moment the results of the draw are announced on .
TimeOut — 6 draws.


  • 1st place — 800 USD
  • 2nd place - 700 USD
  • 3rd place — 600 USD
  • 4th place - 550 USD
  • 5th place — 500 USD
  • 6th place - 450 USD
  • 7th place — 400 USD
  • 8th place - 350 USD
  • 9th place - 300 USD
  • 10th place — 200 USD
  • 11th place — 190 USD
  • 12th place - 180 USD
  • 13th place - 170 USD
  • 14th place - 160 USD
  • 15th place — 100 USD
  • 16th place — 90 USD
  • 17th place — 80 USD
  • 18th place — 70 USD
  • 19th place — 60 USD
  • 20th place — 50 USD

In case of the same results for several applicants for prizes, the prize fund is redistributed between them according to the established final rating.
The prize money is paid out after the winner passes the verification of the Personal Account in the RoboForex company.

The prize amount can be credited to the following types of RoboForex MT4 and MT5 platform accounts, as well as CopyFX system accounts: Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard.
To receive the prize amount, you need to send your account number via the RoboForex forum personal message system to ContestFX.

If the prize account is replenished with the client's own funds, then in the case of a "drawdown" on the account, the client's own funds are first of all lost.
The prize amount is debited from the trading account in the event of a Stop Out event.

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