Payback - loyalty program from Grand Capital

Published: 13.03.2022


  • The Payback bonus is real money that you can withdraw immediately after entering the account.
  • The premium is not tied to the number of lots, it is tied only to the number of days during which you traded.
  • The bonus begins to accrue after five days of continuous trading. The more days you trade continuously, the higher your premium.
  • The bonus is accrued daily. Full statistics are available in your Personal Account.
  • The bonus amount is calculated based on the number of days of continuous trading, for convenience, statuses are assigned to you.

How to participate?

  • Open a Standard account
  • Trade any instruments except CFD STOCK USA and Russian Stocks.
  • Trade without interruption for at least 6 days, make at least one trade per day
  • The longer the term of continuous trading, the higher the premium

How is the premium calculated and accrued?

The premium is accrued only for active trading days, starting from the 6th day of continuous trading. An active day is a day during which any transaction lasting at least 5 minutes was opened or closed.

For example, you trade continuously for 7 days. (Weekends are not taken into account) For the first 5 days, nothing is credited to you. On the 6th day, you made two transactions with a total volume of 0.1 lots. For the 7th day, 10 transactions with a total volume of 0.4 lots. In total, your bonus will be 0.5* 3.5 = $1.75.

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