The program 50% cashback from Forex4you

Published: 13.03.2022

Bonus amount: 50%

Get 50% of the paid spread and commission!

Trade as usual and get back up to 50% of the paid spread and commission. The program is available for those who do not have an active credit bonus.

  • Up to $ 10 per lot on EURUSD
  • Rebate of the spread and commission
  • Valid for customers without an affiliate code
  • No time limit

How to activate "Cashback"?

All you need to do is connect your real trading account to the "Cashback" service. To activate the "Cashback" option, log in to your Personal Account and go to the "Deposit/ Withdrawal" section and select the "Bonuses" tab. Click the "Enable Rebate Bonus" button.

Программа 50% Cashback

Terms of the "Cashback" program

  • There are no active credit bonuses on the current trading account.
  • The account is not registered under the partner account.
  • MTP Requirements. Minimum Trade Points (MTP) is the minimum level (length) of the transaction in points that the client must comply with in order to earn a commission.
  • The credit bonus is not available with an active Cash back program.
  • The credit bonus is not available with an active Cashback program.
  • Cashback is not paid for orders that resulted in a negative balance on the client's account.

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